The message below is from the CITY of Waupun, everything stated also goes for the TOWN of Waupun:

(The ordinance in the TOWN of Waupun DOES NOT take effect until the SIGNS ARE POSTED. As of last night (5/11/20) we have not received the signs yet. it will be posted in the FdL Reporter when the sign are posted.      Also, Cty Hwy M is OFF LIMITS! PLEASE BE SAFE & RESPONSIBLE.)

Within the last month the police department and I have received numerous ATV/UTV complaints. The complaints raise concerns over speeding through city streets, not obeying traffic signs, and noise issues. I urge those that own and operate these vehicles to please adhere to all traffic laws, and please adjust your muffler systems if necessary. This ordinance was approved for a one year trial basis. If the complaints continue there is a high probability that this ordinance could be retracted.